Preparations Part two…from Bordeaux via Carcassonne and Narbonne to the Reservée Africane/Sigean

Now the second part is fixed – even with cup of tea on my laptop…
I´m going to start in the wonderful city of Bordeaux and will follow an old railway track wich is now an veloroute – down to La Réole.Here I´ll take the train to Moissac and stay perhaps on a nice campingsite next to the city.

On the next day the track will go from Moissac to Toulouse along the canal – than taking again the train to Carcassonne where I´ll visit this ancient town. Hopefully I can stay in the youth hostel wich is situated in the old town.

On day 3 I´ll ride along the canal du midi next to Narbonne and than exploring the Canal de la Robine.

The last day will be the highlight – a visit to

Finally I will take the train to Séte where I´m going to stay the last night of this part of the journey…



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