Big Bridges, big roads and a Jazz restaurant

After I found out that the peanut butter run out into my kitchenstuff I left Rochefort over the big bridge as the famous and old moving one started only at 10:00 h…

And as a gift I found an ancient castle where a complete village is protected. It’s called Forte Beauge and many small shops with African handcrafted goods offer their goods.



Than I tried to go as quickly as I could to go to the ferry of Royan.


And than a wonderful track was ahead of me – sun, bitume and flat.
So I arrived next to Ser where I put up my tent and went to the beach…and than to a really cool jazzy restaurant.




But – the black clouds are coming up with a really strong wind and the weatherforecast till Monday says – rain. So we will see as tomorrow I’d like to go to the Dune de Pilat. Than I’m going to take the train to Bordeaux – and the youth hostel is full…it’s going to be interesting. M.

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