Arcachon, Bordeaux and ‘Fete de la Morue’ in Bègles

Yesterday I was riding through the woods from Montalivet to get the ferry to Arcachon as the way around the bassin was too long.


Then I found a nice hotel as the forecast wasn’t to good – so I missed Cap Ferret.

Today on saturday I tried to get the bus – but I should have to wait 2 hours. So I started to ride to the Dune de Pilat – but on the way my ‘steering wheel’ didn’t fit any more so I had to return to find a tool to fix it.


I took the train to Bordeaux and found a cool hotel next to the trainstation.


At that time there was the ‘gay pride parade’ taking place and the whole ancient town was crowded.


After visiting St. Andrew’s Cathedral I went out for dinner and found out that there is the ‘Fete de la Morue’ taking place – just at the last stop of the tram…A really cool music festival outside the city…





Real cool ambiente, all the people on the street – with samba and jazz. Great!
Tomorrow I’m going on to discover the city ans hope that the rain will stop until monday. M.

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