La Grande Motte and the Camargue


The Grand Hotel of Sète was one oder the last impression of this ancient town – and it isn’t easy to leave it…
Finally I could step into the mediterranean sea – after nearly 1000 km.


And this day was also a day of meeting travellers from over the world – a couple from Germany, a guy from Berlin riding to Gibraltar, a french man from Arles on a trip to St. Malo with his recumbenttrike with – my trailer from the Netherlands!


In the end I arrived in the Camargue – this day spending many kilometers on roads with traffic, wich was not always a pleasure.



And in Les St. Maries-de-la-Mer there was a big ‘Fete Votive’ going on…
So in the evening the young people – with horses and by feet – ran after a ‘Torro’ through the streets – really spectacular (got only a video…)

When the night came a gipsy-band started to play on the beach and a fire was lighted on the sand…




Ans finally the riders jumped with their horses after riding through the sea over the fire – what can you expect more from a holiday in the Camargue?

After this great day I’m going approach Marseille – as the last kilometers will be done by train. M.

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