Cote d’Azur without St. Tropez

Tuesday, June, 18th, 2013

Starting from my wonderful small Hotel I continued my way along the Cote.
Not a long ride and I had a first great beach…



Sitting there was just like being on holiday …
Sometimes I had safe cyclepaths, than you had to go next to heavy traffic – not really relaxing. But there is an old railway-track wich is now a cyclepath – if you find it.


The total distance of this day where 80 km – and I had just a look over to St. Tropez where a big ship was lying in the harbour.


So in the evening I found a place to stay – a hotel owned since 3 years by a couple from Sweden and Finland (that’s to you, Matthias).

And than again a marvelous eveningsun in the harbour.


So – tomorrow is my last cycling-day to nice where I will stay in a already booked Hotel – the last 75 km of this outstanding journey.

On thursday I will return to Marseille by train and on friday back to Paris where I’m going to to sleep a little bit in the nighttrain to Munich. M.

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