EuroRoute R1 – the new challenge cycling from Lithuania to St. Petersburg/Russia

Follow me from Lithuania to St. Petersburg/Russia

Last year I´ve been cycling from Bavaria to Rome in Itlay – and those days I´ve met a cupple from Lithuania at the beginning of this trip.
They invited me to visit their wonderful country and recommended me the “LatEst” cyclepath – unfortunately the surface of it is more than 50 % gravel so it´s not possible to go there with my recumbent.

But while looking for options I found a great route through Europe – the EuroRoute R1, which leads you from London via Germany to St. Petersburg in Russia.
Wow – that sounds great and would give me a trip to go for the next 3 years – so, let´s do it!

EuroRoute R1 – cycling from London to St. Petersburg/Russia

I´ve started the preparations for this adventure already in September 2016 as I need a transport from St. Petersburg – which wasn´t that easy as there isn´t a direct ferry to Germany anymore.
Also the experiences with the changeable weather – even in Italy – forced me to look for another tent – so the guys from Globetrotter in Munich gave me a hint that MSR would bring out a new tent especially for cyclists – and here we are…so follow my new adventure – I´m looking forward to it. Starting in the middle of May 2017.


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