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What a wonderful first cycling-day

Could you imagine a better situation than sitting after the sundown on a beach after having a delicious dinner and your tent is already built up? Me not!

The first 80 km of this journey were sunny, nearly flat and we’ve seen some really nice villages.
Travelling with a woman from New Zealand, having met a german guy who wrote some travelbooks for Dumont and finally Francis from Paris who is on his pilgrim’s way to Spain with an recumbentbike-ebike from up (Scorpion)
Crossing the street to the Ile de Noirmontier before the lowtide was a special thing because that’s the ancient way to reach the island.

The camping site is a little bit sleepy, only one restaurant was open – but it’s already warm and I’ve got a kind of sunburn…

I found out that the river Loire must be the border of the sun – because last year when I’ve been travelling through Brittany the weather was the other way round – but this is only the first day…




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