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A kind of britanny

Today was again a very sunny and wonderful cycling-day – which ended up in a delicious dinner directly on the beach with Francis from Paris who also rides a recumbentbike – but it’s a trike.

The day started with my first ‘camping-breakfast’ and I started a little bit late at 09:30 h because of a chat with a german camping family.

The track leaded me through the woods wich was in the beginning very fine – but further on it took me so much energy because of the surface and the ups and downs so I decided to take the nearby road.

Shortly after that I approached a very touristy town – not very nice.


But than the track took me to some memories of last year – Brittany.
This marvelous coastline with its sandy beaches reminded me of this part of the country.


Having a break Francis with his.recumbent etrike arrived and we did the rest of the daytrip which ended up in Les Sables, a nice town with old.and new houses.
Interesting that from this city there is a sailingboat race every year around the world starting in november.

So today again like yesterday I’m sitting on the beach writing, the sun has just go down and I’ll find my way to the tent.


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